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  1. How can I know if my African trait could be Cabo Verde l linked?
    I am supposedly 2nd generation of Cape Verdean emigrant.

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    • Hello Joseph have you taken the 23andme test? If so look at your ancestry report and see if the region called “Cabo Verde” is showing up under your West African %. You will see more details by clicking on “See all tested populations” or “scientific details”.
      These socalled “recent ancestor locations” are a newly added feature on 23andme. And even when not a perfect measure I find it’s very predictive indeed for indicating Cape Verdean lineage! The number of dots are reflecting match strenght with the Cape Verdean samples in 23andme’s database. I am half Cape Verdean but I received the maximum number of dots (5).

      Generally speaking the frequency of DNA matches with fellow Cape Verdeans as well as the actual shared amount of DNA will be most indicative. If you have tested with Ancestry as well you can check this most easily by seeing if you belong to their socalled “Portuguese Islander” migration. But also certain regional combinations on Ancestry can be said to be highly suggestive of Cape Verdean ancestry (predominant “Senegal” : >50% of the African breakdown as well as predominant Southwest European regions: “Iberian Peninsula” + “Europe South”). For more details see:



        • Hello Ali, if you’re referring to “Southeastern Bantu” this is a category specific to AncestryDNA. However it appears that 23andme will be FINALLY providing a detailed African breakdown as has been highly anticipated for 5 years already! Really glad to see the distinction being made between West African and Bantu DNA especially! But also the breakdown within West Africa looks promising. If you follow this link you can see the proposed update in full detail:


          Aside from “Congolese Bantu” also “Great Rift Valley Bantu” and “Sudan” are appearing as new categories!


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