Slave Trade




***YP1 108 Slave Arrival




This map shows the slave trade regions as used in the slavevoyages database.ELTIS2



Same regions in colour, it’s good to keep in mind that the region called “Sierra Leone” is also including most of Guinea Conakry aside from the modern day country of Sierra Leone!



This map features the ethnic names for slaves (“casta” or “nacion” in Spanish) used by Alonso de Sandoval, a Spanish Jesuit who wrote one of the earliest books on African slavery in the Americas “De Instauranda Aethiopum Salute” (1627). These same names are also used in contemporary (1500’s-1700’s) documents from the Spanish Americas describing the ethnic background of slaves.

Sandoval 33-380ea5b0ce


This map specifies the origins of Upper Guinean slaves exported via Cape Verde to Latin America

***(click to enlarge)

A. Carreira - Rotas do Trafico dos Escravos

“Cabo Verde: formação e extinção de uma sociedade escravocrata (1460-1878)”, António Carreira (1972)


Maps showing presentday ethnic groups as well as historical states/empires during the slave trade period (1500’s-1800’s). Clicking on the pictures you can get to see them in even greater detail!










Taken from Curtin 1969 these maps are priceless in showing where the informants, Liberated Africans in Sierra Leone, of Koelle, a German linguist from the 1800’s, originally were from.

See also this blog post: Krio from Sierra Leone: Afro-diasporeans with a twist?


Upper Guineasl

Bight of Beninsl

Nigeria Cameroon mapsl

C. Africa mapsl  SE Africa mapsl


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