African DNA Matching Patterns


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  1. Greetings! I ran across your website and thought you may want to know I am the person who petitioned to have “isolated poly-ethnic” genetic communities” at Ancestry. I am a practioner of Social Science Please reach out to further discuss.

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        • Hi Gena, thanks a lot for sharing! You made some powerful statements in that article which I fully agree with. Especially this one:

          a DNA identity can most certainly help to provide more of an understanding to the narrative of one’s diaspora.

          The genetic community feature on Ancestry is most definitely very useful for this purpose. I take it you have been assigned to “Louisiana Creoles & African Americans”? I find it very impressive how Ancestry is even able to detect 6 sub-communities based on matching strength for people with localized roots from Lafayette, Baton Rouge etc.. Also interesting to see how some Louisiana Creoles also receive additional genetic communities which are tied to their French side specifically.

          I have always been fascinated by the Louisiana Creole culture. I am myself of Cape Verdean descent and I find it intriguing that besides the Creolization aspect Cape Verdeans and Louisiana Creoles also have shared Senegambian ancestry. This is something which I have researched for many years, based on regional admixture. Zooming into the proportional share of regions indicative of Upper Guinean DNA such as “Senegal ” or “Mali” on Ancestry. See this spreadsheet for my findings based on the 2013-2018 version of Ancestry.

          In the last couple of years I have however shifted my main attention towards DNA matches and also how these may correlate with admixture. You might be interested therefore to know that this year I intend to publish a new series on the African DNA matches being reported by Ancestry for survey groups across the Diaspora. I collected the data already in August 2020 when Ancestry deleted the smaller matches (<8 cM).

          The last post in that series will also cover my findings for 10 survey participants with a confirmed Louisiana Creole background! So that should be very insightful also when comparing with my other surveygroups.

          Have you found any African DNA matches yet on Ancestry? My scanning and filtering technique also allows for zooming into fully French DNA matches btw.

          Here’s a previous blogpost I did on Louisiana. In case you like to continue our discussion please leave a comment on that page:

          Louisiana: most African diversity within the United States?


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