I’ve always been fascinated by maps and i’m convinced they can be very educational and useful for anyone wanting to learn more about their African roots. So I will be adding to this collection of maps regularly. For now you can check the current maps via the drop-down menu or these direct links:

While conducting research on Africa it is crucial to always place ethnic, linguistic and geographical terms in their proper (historical) context. This overview is very useful to avoid any confusion arising from misinterpretation.

***(click to enlarge)


Source: Flickr


To finish of this page i will just post this great alternate history map of precolonial Africa. It was made by a Swede who wanted to make a map

“of what Africa could have looked like in the mid 19th century if Europe had never  become a colonizing world power. In order to do this I have tried to construct an alternative historical time-line in which Europe was much harder struck by the plague in the 1350’s and never recovered. Therefore  African nations would have gotten the opportunity to flourish unhindered” source:!alkebu-lan/ck0q

***(click to enlarge)



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